Forget the lyre or flute. "Pan," at least in Adam Reeder's version of the mythological figure, dances to the iPod.


Adam graduated from The Academy of Art University with an MFA in sculpture. He has been gaining international recognition from various sources, from art critics, galleries and art dealers all over the globe. Adam has upcoming shows for 2010 in Los Angeles, New York, London, San Francisco and many other locations. If you would like to visit one of his shows please contact him for more information on dates, times and locations.

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About Adam Reeder

Interesting Facts

* Adam has sold out many bronze sculpture editions including:

“Porter Rockwell”
“Footprints in the Sand”
“Defending the Flocks”
“The Title of Liberty”
“The Errand”


Adam Reeder was born and raised in the Los Angeles Area and Camarillo, California.

Adam moved to Utah for college where he graduated in Art and then returned to the Bay Area in 2006. He finished his Masters Degree at The Academy of Art in San Francisco in 2009.  He currently teaches art in the Sacramento area.

Adam has been an artist since he was young. He has been a working professional in portraits since 1999 and bronze sculpture since 2000.

Adam is married with 4 children and currently lives in Folsom, California.